Winsley Primary School 5k Charity Fun Run a Success

Winsley School

Winsley School

Saturday, 17 September Winsley Primary School celebrates their 5k fun run after they have successfully raised the funds to buy a new wheelchair for their pupil Alfie Feilden who is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Alfie Feilden’s twin brother Charlie who doesn’t have the condition as Alfie’s said to have won the 3km race.

Winsley School raises enough money to buy Alfie a new wheelchair

CELEBRATIONS broke out at Winsley Primary School after their 5k fun run on Saturday raised enough funds to buy a new wheelchair for one of their pupils.

Dozens of pupils and locals took part in the event and raised close to £900, all of which will go towards securing six-year-old Alfie Fielden, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a new light-weight, carbon fibre wheelchair.

The Year 2 pupil took part in the new 3km disability awareness running event, with his gran, and two friends, which saw some runners blindfolded along the route.
Becky Wilson, headteacher at Winsley Primary School, said: “It was a brilliant day out and we are delighted to have raised enough money to ensure Alfie gets the wheelchair he needs.

“Alfie had a great day out with his friends and family. We had a really great turnout, there was a lovely atmosphere and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

“A lot of people said the new 3km run was a great addition, very thought provoking and a good way to raise awareness about this condition.

“I also want to also thank people who gave up their time to help with the marshalling and volunteering too, without their help it would not have been as well run or successful.

The fun run was set up in 2014 by the school and Winsley Acorns Pre-school, where Alfie used to attend, to raise awareness for his condition and funds towards Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK.

Since then it has become one of the highlights of the school’s calendar.

“This is definitely one of our favourite occasions of the year. It is only the third time we have done it but each time it really is a superb event,” added Mrs Wilson.

“It is also a superb way to start the new academic year too with something for the children to look forward to.

“Fortunately we got lucky with the weather too which made the picnic after the run even better.”

Alfie’s twin brother, who does not have the condition, stormed to victory in the 3km race and earned a trophy for his exploits.

Author: Isaac Gill

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