No Fracking anytime soon in Wiltshire

South Western Energy has just announced that they will pull out their onshore gas exploration in some parts of South West England making the anti-fracking group ‘Keep Wiltshire Frack Free ‘in great happiness as the announcement ensures no fracking in Wiltshire in the very near future.

Wiltshire Times

Wiltshire Times

On the other hand, Wiltshire anti-fracking group is fully aware that there might be other companies who will be interested on fracking in Wiltshire so they are still cautious when that time comes.

It is said that South West England will also give up their plans on fracking Forest of Dean but they will proceed in some parts of Dorset and Somerset.

Delight for protesters as company decides not to frack in Wiltshire

FRACKING in Wiltshire will not be happening anytime soon after South Western Energy announced it is pulling out of onshore gas exploration in parts of South West England.

The shock announcement from the company, which had originally planned to carry out fracking in the county and other areas, comes to the delight of anti-fracking group Keep Wiltshire Frack Free (KWIFF), who have been actively protesting it for over three years.

The company also relinquished its desire to frack in the Forest of Dean, but still intends to carry out the controversial process in parts of Dorset and Somerset.

Member of KWIFF, Bill Jarvis, said: “We did not expect this at all.

“After the licences were sent out last month we were expecting SW Energy to be carrying out surveys very soon, so we are delighted that’s not the case.

“We had lots of big events planned once we heard that the licences had been sent out but we will now reconsider them.

“However, we are aware that this is not the end. Other companies may well want to take up licences in Wiltshire so we need to remain cautious and vigilant.

“We will also be helping out our friends in Dorset and Somerset, where the company still has plans to frack.

“This isn’t just a case of not wanting fracking to happen on our doorstep – we don’t want it to happen full stop.”

Licences were sent out to companies, including SW Energy, in August this year, to the horror or anti-fracking campaigners.

Gerwyn Williams, director of SW Energy, said the reason his company pulled out was due to “low energy prices,” and nothing to do with public opposition.

He said: “The main reason is to minimise our financial exposure during a period of low energy prices and uncertain future energy prices.

“Gas prices are low now; we know that Shale gas will work safely and UK production in the near future will further reduce energy prices so now is not the time to be spending large amounts of money on exploration.

Author: Henry Thompson

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